CS 302 Homework 4 Solved

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Assignment Goals

1. Continue practice with **array storage**
2. Continue practice using **data structures** to solve problems
3. Familiarize students with the **queue** ADT


Implement the event-driven simulation of a bank mentioned in the textbook (Question 6). A queue of arrival events will represent the line of customers in the bank. Maintain the arrival events and departure events in a priority queue, sorted by the time of the event.

The input is a text file of arrival and transaction times. Each line of the file contains the arrival time and required transaction time for a customer. The arrival times are ordered by increasing time.

Your program must count customers and keep track of their cumulative waiting time. These statistics are sufficient to compute the average waiting time after the last event has been processed.

Display a trace of the events executed and a summary of the computed statistics (the total number of arrivals and average time spent waiting in line). For example, the input file shown in below should produce the output shown at the bottom of the assignment.


### There is a “HelpfulFiles” folder in this repository with
– an example Design Document
– Questions 6 & 7 from the textbook
– a break down of an approach to solving the problem (from the textbook)


– Provide a ***complete*** array implementation for your Queue data structure.
– The queue interface has been provided for you in this repository as “`queue.h“`
– Provide a driver which uses ArrayQueue object(s) to solve the problem described above.

– Include a “`makefile“` which produces an executable called “`bank_sim“`
– There is an “`input.txt“` file in this repository which the autograder will use to test your code.
– This will not determine your grade, ***it is for your testing purposes only***.

Extra Credit

### Features will **ONLY** be considered for extra credit if the required functionality is *completely* implemented.
Correct implementation of Question 7 in the textbook will earn you an additional 5% of your original points

Submission details

If you are usinng git from the command line, execute the following commands:
1. After accepting the assignment invitation, copy the clone URL
2. Type
“`git clone clone URL“`
3. cd into your new assignment directory

4. After working on your files
5. When you’re ready, type the following commands:
git add .
git commit -m “your commit message”
git push