CS 302 Homework 2 Solved




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Project Goals

The goal of this project is to:
1. Familiarize students with **linked lists**
2. Familiarize students with **array storage** and **linked storage**.
3. Practice **time complexity** analysis.


Add functionality for the incomplete data structure functions.

Modify this README document with a paragraph (at least three complete sentences) explaining why the different storage methods are better for the different lists used in the driver.


In the TODO App, we strategically employ a LinkedList for the todoList and an ArrayList for the doneList to enhance performance and user experience. The ever-evolving nature of a user’s to-do list demands the dynamic resizing capabilities of a LinkedList, allowing for efficient priority-based insertions and deletions without reshuffling.

On the other hand, as tasks transition to completion, they’re simply appended to the doneList, and the ArrayList shines here with its append efficiency, compact memory footprint, and rapid direct access. This deliberate choice of data structures ensures our app remains agile, memory-efficient, and user-centric.

 Submission details

If you are usinng git from the command line, execute the following commands:
1. After accepting the assignment invitation, copy the clone URL
2. Type
“`git clone clone URL“`
3. cd into your new assignment directory
4. After working on your files
5. When you’re ready, type the following commands:
git add .
git commit -m “your commit message”
git push