CS 302 Homework 3 Solved

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Assignment Goals

1. Continue practice with **linked storage** and **dynamically allocated memory**
2. Continue practice using **data structures** to solve problems
3. Familiarize students with the **stack** ADT


Design a system which reads the infix form of a ***single*** arithmetic expression, then outputs the postfix expression and resulting value.
For example, if the user enters
“`(5 + 6) * (4 / 3)“`

The results should be

You may assume that the infix input expression consists of single-digit, non-negative integers [0 through 9], the four basic arithmetic operators [+ – \* /], and parenthesis [( and )] in the correct order.


– Provide a ***complete*** implementation for your LinkedStack data structure.
– The stack interface has been provided for you in this repository as “`stack.h“`.
– The node class has been provided for you in this repository as “`node.h“` and “`node.cpp“`.

– Provide a **driver** which uses LinkedStack object(s) to solve the problem described above.
– The ArrayStack data structure has been provided for you in this repository as “`arrayStack.h“` and “`arrayStack.cpp“`.
– You can use it to test your overall solution with a data structure that works correctly.
– No ArrayStack objects should be included in your final version of the driver.
– Provide a working “`makefile“`.

Extra Credit

### Features will **ONLY** be considered for extra credit if the required functionality is *completely* implemented.
Correct implementation of handling values with more than one digit will earn you an additional 5% of your original points

Submission details

If you are usinng git from the command line, execute the following commands:
1. After accepting the assignment invitation, copy the clone URL
2. Type
“`git clone clone URL“`
3. cd into your new assignment directory

4. After working on your files
5. When you’re ready, type the following commands:
git add .
git commit -m “your commit message”
git push