Strengths and Weaknesses of Voluntary Codes…….solved




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This week you have had multiple opportunities to consider voluntary codes of ethical conduct for corporations and executives from different angles and permutations.

Submit an essay (approximately two pages, double-spaced and using a 12-point font) in which you discuss what you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the use of voluntary codes.

Do you believe such codes will continue to play important roles in the future of CSR? Why or why not? Should governments or the UN play a role? Should they carry the force of law? Why or why not?
1.Write a full thesis paragraph as if you were going to write a fully developed paper. It should contain a thesis sentence, which sets out your principal statement or argument, with several supporting sentences. Your thesis paragraph should contain no more than four to six sentences.
2.About one to one and a half pages should follow with a list of bullets supporting and countering your thesis—in other words, a list of arguments and counter-arguments. Your arguments should incorporate material from this course’s readings, videos, and even the thoughts of your classmates and instructor.
3.Finally, you will close with a fully developed concluding paragraph with four to six sentences, which should reconcile the conflicts between the arguments and the counter-arguments, and support the thesis you set out in the thesis paragraph.