Volkswagen Emission Scandal……solved




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Before starting to write your essay, draft answers to the following questions in
relation to the case study of VW. Then reflect on your responses. Following this
process should help you to develop a deeper understanding of the issues of the VW case.
a. What did VW do?
b. How did VW do it?
c. What differed from the expected?
d. What are the individual, organisational and social consequences of VW’s practice?
e. How do you feel after reading the case?
f. In which other occasions have you felt like this?

Essay sections:
Your reflective essay must have the following sections.
1. Description of Week 4 tutorial submission on your values (200 words)
2. Brief answers to questions from 2(a) to 2(f) above (400 words)
3. Your understanding of Kantianism (400 words)
4. Application of Kantianism to the VW case study (400 words)
5. Using Kantianism and your values, explain what would you have done differently
as the Chief Executive Officer of VW (600 words)