Lab 1 EC2 files DSCI 551 solved




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  1. Add the following lines to the end of your ~/.bashrc file on EC2 and submit a screenshot showing these lines added to your file.

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/default-java

export PATH=$PATH:~/spark-3.3.1-bin-hadoop3/bin

export PATH=$PATH:~/hadoop-3.3.4/bin:~/hadoop-3.3.4/sbin


  1. Explain what each line added to your ~/.bashrc file in task 1 does.


  1. Submit screenshot(s) showing examples of executing the following Linux commands on your EC2 instance.

ls, cd, mv, cp, rm, rmdir, mkdir, cat


  1. Explain what each of the commands in task 3 does.


1. Screenshots for question 1 and question 3

  1. A pdf includes your answers for question 2 and question 4
  2. Zip the files mentioned above into a .zip file (not .rar!). Name the zipped file with your name. e.g. “”