Lab 2HDFS DSCI 551 solved

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1. [4 points] Submit screenshot(s) that show that you can successfully execute the following
HDFS commands: mkdir, put, ls, cat, get, rm, rmdir
2. [3 points] Explain what each of the above commands accomplishes.
3. [1 point] Which commands are used to format the namenode, start HDFS server, stop HDFS
4. [2 point] Which files do you need to modify according to the instructions on the Hadoop
website? For each file, explain the purpose of modification.


1. Screenshots for question 1.
2. A PDF file that includes your answers for questions 2 , 3 and 4.
3. Zip the files mentioned above into a .zip file (not .rar!). Name the zipped file with your
name. e.g. “”.