CSCE686 Homework 3 Solved

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  1. (5 pts) Talbi, Problem 1.4 (show for MIS and Clique problems only)
  2. (20pts) Test and evaluate the AFIT graphprogram* for MIS examples that are small, medium and large graph applications (planar & non-planar). Present search tree for medium size application; note that graph program  generates required data.  Use at least 8 graphs. Utilize appropriate reporting approaches (Barr,Talbi:Section 1.7).

    * (on the L: drive under the CSCE686/NPC   Problems/MIS_Clique/MIS Software/MIS_C++/   MIS_VC software can also be employed. Software written for Christofides algorithms. Observe  that you need to execute VMware in order to interface to the AFIT network and the L: drive. This and other software is to be stored on the AFIT network  L: drive because of size.)