CSCE686 Homework HW8 Solved




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  1. a) (30pts) Use a Genetic Algorithm for your project solution using one of the NPC problem objectives (or both?)*. Define representation and don’t forget PD/AD feasibility functions. Explicity indicate your GA algorithm pseudo code (Talbi form and search elements). Discuss the “art” of GA parameter/function selection for your PD/AD. Reference at least one appropriate paper providing insight to your PD and this GA AD. This also could be a GA variation as is employed in your project!
  2. b) (5pts) Checkout Talbi Exercises 3.8 and 3.9 and understand and discuss very briefly the answers given in the text.

As always, for all questions requesting an algorithm, put it in the form of the standard structure used by Talbi. Also, embed the CSCE686 standard search constructs via comments.


*If you choose not to use a project NP-C problem, use the SCP or a SCP variation or a MIS/Clique problem or a MIS/Clique variation. (check GA references)

CSCE686 Homework HW8