COP2000 Project 4 solved

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Write a program that produces a bar chart showing the population growth of Sparksville at 20 year intervals during the past 100 years. The program should read in the population figures (rounded to the nearest 1000 people) for 1910, 1930, 1950, 1970, 1990, 2010 from an input file called people.txt. For each year it should display the date and a bar consisting of one asterisk for each 1000 people.

Here’s an example of what one scenario would look like:

Sparksville Population Growth
(each * represents 1000 people)

1910: **
1930: ****
1950: *****
1970: *******
1990: ******
2010: *********

To Do:

1. Upload your .cpp file to the Project 4 Drop Box.
2. Be sure to check the Rubrics before you submit your Project. Rubrics tell you exactly what must be included in each Project and how much each item is worth.

3. Check the Calendar for the due date.