COP2000 Project 5 solved




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Write a C++ program that will use the input file numbers.txt to determine the number of even numbers, the number of odd numbers, and the number of zeroes that exist in the file.

In order to receive any credit for this project, the project must be broken into the following functions:

void openFile() – this function will open the input file in the current directory
void closeFile() – this function will close the input file
int readFile() – this function will read a number from the input file and return that number to the calling function
void determine() – this function will determine if the number is odd, even, or zero.
void display() – this function will display the total number of odd numbers, the total number of even numbers, and the total number of zeroes found in the input file.

Any project submitted with all code written in main will receive a grade of 0.

To Do:

1. Upload your .cpp file to the Project 5 Drop Box.

2. Be sure to check the Rubrics before you submit your Project. Rubrics tell you exactly what must be included in each project and how much each item is worth.

3. Check the Calendar for the due date.