Your consulting firm has been hired to develop a program that meets…..solved




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Your consulting firm has been hired to develop a program that meets the following requirements.
Your program must provide a menu to the user. This menu should list three different products of your choice. Once the user selects one product, they should specify which state they are located. The state choices should include CT, VT, WI, CA and WA. State taxes vary for each state (7.5%, 7.8%, 6.8%, 7.2% and 6.4%, respectively). The user should then specify the desired number of cases (assume there are 12 items per case). The appropriate state tax should be added to the total cost of the product (item quantity multiplied by unit price).
Display the following to the user.
Name of the product selected
Number of cases
Number of items
Subtotal (units x price per unit)
State tax (with the percentage and state abbreviation in parentheses)
Total cost (subtotal plus state tax)
a) Your program needs to include at least one repetition statement, one selection statement, Scanner class, and at least one array in this code.
b) Appropriate calculations are necessary.
c) Print out to the user the above bulleted items.
Your assignment submittal should include your Java source code, class files, program design document including class diagrams and pseudocode.