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8. Grade Book (Answer the question number 9 only)
A teacher has five students who have taken four tests. The teacher uses the following grading scale to assign a letter grade to a student, based on the average of his or her four test scores.
| Test Score | Letter Grade |
| 100-90 | A |
| 89-80 | B |
| 79-70 | C |
| 69-60 | D |
| 59-0 | F |
Write a program that uses a two-dimensional array of characters to hold the five student names, a single-dimensional array of five characters to hold the five student’s letter grades, and five single-dimensional arrays of four floats to hold each student’s set of test scores.
The program should allow the user to enter each student’s name and his or her four test scores. It should then calculate and display each student’s average test score and a letter grade based on the average.
Input Validation
• Do not accept test scores less than zero or greater than 100.
9. Grade Book Modification
Modify the grade book application in Programming Challenge 8 so it drops each student’s lowest score when determining the test score averages and letter grades. You will need to modify the class as well as creating an appropriate text file to test the code. Please do not change either class, except to meet the program requirements. This program should display the following
(1) program drop the lowest test score
(2)calculate the new average correctly