Write a complete Java method called checkWord that takes a String parameter…..solved




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1.Write a complete Java method called checkWord that takes a String parameter called word, returns nothing,
and is declared to throw an Exception of type Exception. In the method, check if the first character of the
parameter is a letter. If it is not a letter, the method throws an Exception of type Exception with the
message “This is not a word.” (2 points)

2. Write a complete Java method called getWord that takes no parameters and returns a String.
The method prompts the user for a word, and then calls the checkWord method you wrote in #1 above,
passing as a parameter the word the user provided as input. Make sure the getWord method
handles the Exception that may be thrown by checkWord.(2 points)

3. Write a complete Java method called writeFile that takes two parameters: an array of Strings (arrayToWrite), and a String (filename).
The method writes the Strings in the arrayToWrite array to a text file called filename (the parameter),
with each String on a separate line. (2 points)

4. Write a complete Java method called readFile that takes a String as a parameter (filename)
and returns an ArrayList of Strings (fileContents). The method reads the text file identified by the filename parameter
and populates the ArrayList with an element for each line in the text file. (2 points)

5. Do the following in the Unit7ProblemSet.java main method (hint: the order is important):
5.1 Call the getWord method you wrote in #2 above and print the result to the command line.
5.2 Create an array of Strings called testData and populate it with at least three elements.
5.3 Call the writeFile method you wrote in #3 passing the array you created in #5.2 and the String “data.txt”.
5.4 Call the readFile method you in #4 to read the file you wrote in 5.3.
Assign the result of readFile to an ArrayList variable in main called fileContents.
5.5 Write a loop to print the contents of the fileContents ArrayList to the command line.
(2 points)