Week 10 Discussion HSA 546……solved




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Use Internet and / or Strayer Learning Resource Center to research articles (no older than five [5] years) on using technology to prevent medical malpractices. Next, discuss the overall manner in which using technology can help prevent malpractices. Speculate on the most damaging consequences of a malpractice case on a physician practice. Support your rationale.
Imagine that you are the manager of a multi-specialty medical practice that is opening a new office and that you are involved in planning the layout and design of the new office. Determine three (3) functional areas that you think should be given priority with regard to the amount of space needed for efficient operations and patient flow in the new office. Justify your response.

Proper record keeping is essential in preventing malpractice cases for physicians and health care institutions. With the advent of electronic medical records, it should be so much easier now to have better patient records. What are your thoughts on this? How does that relate to malpractice issues practices may possibly face?