Unit VIII Project This project provides you with an opportunity to write an application….solved




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Unit VIII Project
This project provides you with an opportunity to write an application (i.e., computer program) by using a problem specification (output, input, and algorithm) and then creating the application in Visual Basic. Your application should use at least one of the following structures: sequence, selection, and/or repetition.
1. Select ONE of the following tasks as the basis for completing this project:
• changing a television channel by using a remote control
• using a sponge to wash a car
• walking up a set of stairs
• a game of your choosing
• net income calculator
• measurement calculator
• discount calculator
• sales calculator
• labor calculator
• totals calculator
• membership calculator
• inventory calculator

2. Select at least three of the concepts from Chapters 1-11 and apply this to your Windows application, which solves a problem. These are concepts you learned in this course and are listed below.
• arithmetic operator
• If… Then…Else statement
• nested selection structure
• multiple-alternative selection structure
• testing method
• looping condition

3. In a Microsoft Word document, explain the purpose of your Windows application by providing a brief description for the task being performed. Then, develop the algorithm using pseudocode (output, input, and algorithm). You can write your algorithm and support it with the use of a flowchart. Upload the Word document to File Upload.

4. Based on the topic you selected in #1 use an appropriate user interface and the programming concepts selected in #2 to develop a Windows application in Visual Basic. In addition to the concepts you selected, the application should have an appropriate interface. Upload the finished application to File Upload.
For this project, you will be submitting one Microsoft Word document to address #3. Also, you will be submitting on Visual Basic Document to address #1, #2, and #4.