Time Machine The Industrial Revolution…….solved




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You find yourself in a Time Machine. You are to stop the marching in
any of the places we have studied in this course. (The Industrial
Revolution) But, in order to pick your location, you need to consider
some points. You will need to know about this place and time. You will
need to be able to conveys about events occurring, and those that
happened immediately before that influenced this period. In your essay
describe what you see, what you hear, what is being amongst the public
and elite. You will need to choose at least four primacy source
documents to use in your essay (you just cite these), and you will
need to explain why this period is so significant in your viewpoint.
After all, you did stop your machine here. Some other points to
consider: what problems do you see occurring, how does this period
compare to modern civilization, and can this time period (or place,
depending on how you frame yourself) compare to a place you have lived
or visited?