Table class……solved




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(a) Write a class to represent a Table.
i). The class should have four attributes to represent the material (String), height (double), price (double) and a unique store ID (int).
ii). Provide a single constructor that should initialise the material, height and price attributes to a value that is passed in to the constructor and sets a unique value for the store ID.
iii). Provide getter and setter methods for the attributes as appropriate.
iv). Provide a toString() method to print the values of an Table’s attributes.

Write a main class called Records that uses the above Table class.
In the main method, declare an array of 5 Table objects.
Instantiate each of the Table objects by obtaining the necessary attribute values from a user through keyboard input.
Your solution should make use of the Scanner class and a loop.
Assume that all Table prices are decreasing by10% in a sale.
Use the getter and setter methods for the price attribute to make the change to each Table.
Finally use the toString() method to return the attributes for each Table object.