Successful partnership working requires resilience…..solved




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Report: You must address the report title given below and write a
critical review of it drawing on relevant theory, policy and ethical
issues, organisational frameworks and partnership working (2,500
words). You have been asked, as a new member of staff to prepare an
advisory report (which must be evidence based) for the director of a
newly established independent public service organisation on the title
below: 90% Report Title: ’Successful partnership working requires
resilience’ Discuss this statement, drawing on evidence from theory,
policy and practice. As this is a critical review of the complexities
of partnership working in relation to the title given above, it is
designed to test your understanding and analysis by drawing on
appropriate evidence, using the references supplied in the booklet
including policy, theoretical or conceptual issues and taking account
of users and carers. There is no set answer. 2,500 WORD CORRECT
Referencing* 2. Correct presentation and written expressios 3.
Critically discuss the factors that promoteor hinder partnership
working 20% 4. Discuss and evaluate the central concepts of
partnership & apply to practice context 25% 5. Evaluate how different
professional codes and organisational frameworks impact on partnership
when working with users and carers 20%