SMART Goals and Action Plan……solved




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This assignment is a final program paper to apply strategic goal setting to your ongoing professional growth. The paper will have a title page, abstract page, 3-5 pages of body and a reference page. In the body of the paper:
• List three SMART goals you have for your professional growth/ personal life (see handout in doc sharing or read more about “SMART goals” on the internet). Note that SMART goals include timelines; some goals may have several steps/subgoals to be met on the way to major goal.
• Describe the importance of each of the goals chosen and provide examples of how meeting those goals will impact your career.
• Do a SWOT analysis for yourself that relates to your goals. Include a branding statement that applies to yourself and your goals.
• Write a detailed action plan including resources needed, networking, funding, etc. to meet the goals.. Include at least one professional organization that you can join (many have student memberships at reduced prices; you may want to join now!). Explain the benefits of belonging and when you will join the organization.
• Describe internal and external factors that may impact (positively and/or negatively) the achievement of your goals
• Describe how you will measure progress toward meeting each of the goals.