S1350 Programming Project 2……solved




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In computer science two very important ADTs are the Stack and the Queue.
A stack is an abstract data type that is built item by item using a push function and items are removed using a pop function. Access to a stack is done through the top, or last item added, only. This is known as LIFO (last in, first out). Local variables are created in the computer at run¬time in what is known as the run-time stack.
A queue is an abstract data type that gets items added through an enqueue function and has items removed via a dequeuer function. Access to items in a queue are done via FIFO (first in, first out); the first item that is put into the queue is the item that must be taken off the queue first. Shared devices, in particular printers, using queuing. The first print job sent to the printer is put in the queue and it is printed prior to any other print job that is enqueued after it. Also -think food lines.
Design, test, implement and test a C++ program that uses classes, implementation files and test use files to implement either a Stack or a Queue ADT using both an array and a linked list.
Make sure to include all of your documentation for: a) planning; b) test and evaluation design; c) reflection.
Turn in all required documentation – modified list below:
Cover page
Copy of assignment
Design documents
Source code
Additional4y, drop tarred and gzipped file in cs1350 dropbox.