LAW 731L Based on the PDF article attached write a 1 page……solved




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Based on the PDF article attached, write a 1 page response to the following question:
Article Background: The PDF article by Javidan et al. (2006) discussed how a U.S. company might prepare its managers to work on expatriate assignments in countries with different cultures. As you know, another practice in U.S. multinational companies is inpatriation of employees from an international subsidiary to the U.S. headquarters. Identify any one of the countries (Brazil, France, Egypt, China) discussed in detail in the article by Javidan and colleagues and answer que belo question:
QUESTION: How will you go about selecting and training a manager working in a subsidiary of your company in one of these countries to work in a leadership position in the U.S.? You may assume the following:
(a) The managers in those countries have not studied, worked, or lived in the U.S.
(b) You have about six months to select and train the candidates.
(c) The expected period of inpatriate assignment is about two years.
Instructions: Your answer should take about one page (double-spaced, one-inch margin, Times New Roman 12-point font). There will be deduction of points for any answer that is shorter than half-page or longer than 1.5 pages. You may consult any source, but the bulk of the answers should be based on the PDF file attached. If use you sources other than the provided PDFs, you must cite using any standard format (APA) or (MLA)) for citing the references. The space taken by the references will not count toward the one-page answer for each question. Give specific examples, wherever possible, to substantiate your arguments. Make suitable assumptions and state them wherever relevant.