Lab 4 DynamoDB DSCI 551 solved

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1. (5 points) Create a DynamoDB table called Books with _id as the partition key (no sort key). Add
the books in the provided lab4.json file into the table. Note you can use JSON view to create the
new items. Note the _id data type is integer. Observe the different data types of attributes. Note
when importing to DynamoDB by using JSON View, please unselect view DynamoDB JSON.
Otherwise, there will be an error.
2. (5 points)
a. Using the Scan method to find the book(s) which have more than 576 pages and have
the status PUBLISH.
b. Using the query method to find the same books.


1. Q1: Export the table content in CSV format. Submit the CSV file.
2. Q2: Submit the screenshots for your example scan and query method.
3. Please do not zip your files.