JAC 444 Workshop 5 solution




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Task 1: (Part A) Design a class named Account which has the following:
• A private int data field named id for the account (default 0).
• A String for First name and another String for last name.
• A private double data field named balance for the account (default 0).
• A private double data field named annualInterestRate that stores the current interest
rate (default 0). Assume all accounts have the same interest rate.
• A private Date data field named dateCreated that stores the date when the account was
• A no-arg constructor that creates a default account.
• A constructor that creates an account with the specified id and initial balance.
• The accessor and mutator methods for id, balance, and annualInterestRate.
• The accessor method for dateCreated.
• A method named getMonthlyInterestRate() that returns the monthly interest rate.
• A method named getMonthlyInterest() that returns the monthly interest.
• A method named withdraw that withdraws a specified amount from the account.
• A method named deposit that deposits a specified amount to the account.
Create an Array of Objects for 10 Accounts with initial balance $100. All the objects should be
serialized properly and written on to the file account.dat
JAC – 444
Your program should de-serialize all the objects then to show all accounts with their numbers
and balances, and account holders first and last names.
(Part B): Now create a GUI for an ATM which is going to use the Account class we created in
Part A. we can update our class with another field,
• Private int pin. (which will hold the pin for each account)
• Your program should check against each Account number for the pin, if the pin is not
assigned then ask your ATM should give a welcome message to register your account.
Then assign a pin number (should be only numbers).
• If your account is registered, then ATM should check the pin verify it and display the
next screen.
• Main menu of your ATM consists of
o Check Balance
o Withdraw Money
o Deposit Money
o Exit the account (which will display again the main Menu of the ATM)
Below are some of the screen shots for the ATM
ATM start page (Students are welcome to make it better)
JAC – 444
ATM Screen after the confirmed account
Task 2: Write a program that stores, retrieves, adds and updates addresses as shown in the
figure below. Use random access file for reading and writing an address. When the program
starts your files should be empty with no addresses.
Hint: Use fixed-length string for storing each attribute in the address.
JAC – 444
Task 3: (Game – Connect four)
Connect four is a two-player board game in which the players alternately drop colored disks
into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid, as shown below.
The objective of the game is to connect four same-colored disks in a row, a column, or a
diagonal before your opponent can do likewise. The program prompts two players to drop a red
or yellow disk alternately. In the preceding figure, the red disk is shown in a dark color and the
yellow in a light color. Whenever a disk is dropped, the program redisplays the board on the
console and determines the status of the game (win, draw, or continue). Here is a sample run:
JAC – 444