IT 270 Module Five Incorporating Multimedia……solved




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In this exercise, you will be provided with fairly simple HTML and CSS templates to start with (similar to
what you have used in previous exercises); however, you should expand on the starter templates in
terms of content and styling to meet the following requirements:
Step 1. Download the IT-270 Supplement Exercise Files zip file if you have not already done so.
Step 2. Navigate to the Mod5-Act1 folder and open the index.html and style.css (in the css subfolder)
files in Sublime Text, and make appropriate changes to each to meet the following requirements:
A. Integrate at least two different types of images (e.g., .jpg, .png, .gif).
B. Integrate at least two different audio/sound formats (e.g., .wav, .ogg, .mp3).
C. Integrate at least two different video formats (e.g., YouTube video, Vimeo video, Flash player,
D. Use CSS3 to display an object on your page (e.g., one of your images, a text headline, an
embedded video, etc.) with a drop shadow on your page.
E. Use CSS3 to rotate an object on your page (e.g., a text headline, one of your images, etc.).
F. Finally, use CSS3 to apply a background image to your webpage, paying special attention to
legibility of the content that will lie atop the image.
Step 3. Proof your finished website in a blank browser tab or window before submitting the assignment.
If you are confident that you completed the assignment according to the requirements outlined above,
save your work, zip the complete “Mod5” subfolder in which you have been working on this exercise,
and submit it using the assignment link in Blackboard.