Internal Environmental Analysis……solved




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• Internal Environmental Analysis Scoring Guide.
• Worksheet #3 [DOC].
• SWOT Analysis and Organization Summary | Transcript.
• Community Hospital Healthcare System: A Strategic Management Case Study.
• APA Style and Format.
• Writing Feedback Tool.
Complete and post Worksheet #3. Refer to your output from the SWOT Analysis and Organization Summary multimedia piece (linked in the Resources).
Using the Case Study assigned to this course (linked in the Resources), course resources, and data compiled for Worksheet #3:
• Develop and post your long project draft Chapter, “Internal Environmental Analysis,” focusing on:
• The economic and business conditions, premises, policies, and other related forces that impact your plan.
• Analysis of specific issues of healthcare management and policy analysis.
Differentiated markets and determinants of supply and demand in each market.
Your draft Chapter should:
• Identify major internal stakeholders.
• Describe basic internal trends, key uncertainties, and additional research needs.
• Identify quantitative and/or qualitative methods.
• Describe internal barriers—including structural political policy, et cetera—to be addressed.
• Communicate in a manner that is consistent with professional expectations; create a document that is clearly written, well-organized, and generally free of grammatical errors.
Submission Requirements
• Resources: Reference at least three professional resources.
• Formatting:Format resources and citations according to current APA guidelines for style and formatting.
• Length of paper: 2–4 pages typed, double-spaced (excluding front and back matter such as cover page and references).
• Font and font size:Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.
• Note:Your instructor may use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.