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Unit 7 AssignmentThe purpose of this Assignment is to design and implement a multi-tier application. The data will bestored in an XML file. You will first create an XML file using a text editor of your choice. Specifically,you will create an XML file that holds 24 final student grades. The application you create will read andparse the grades from the XML file (stored on the server). The application will then calculate theaverage grade, the lowest grade, and the highest grade and return this information to a browserpage, using a form to display the values.Java students will create the application using Java Server Pages (JSP).C# students will create the application using C# and ASP.NET.Web Development students will HTML with PHP and/or JavaScript.It is important to design the application before coding (implementation) begins.Create a design document that shows the approach you will take in creating the application includingthe description of each tier.When you have completed the Assignment, document the steps you took and discuss any issues thatyou faced and how you addressed each issue.Instructions1. Create an XML file that stores 24 student grades. The grades in the XML file should be:2. Store the XML file on your server. Use the following locations based on the programminglanguage you are using:Java: on the Apache® Tomcat server — store the file in the Temp folder.C#: on the Microsoft Internet Information Server® (IIS) within Visual Studio — store the file in the IISroot directory, which during a typical installation, is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express.Web Development: on the Apache Web server — store the file in the htdocs folder.(Videos in the Reading section are available in this unit for using Java with the Apache Tomcat andfor using C# with IIS. For Web Development, you will use the XXAMP Apache Web Server that yousetup for previous units.)3. Name the file studentGrades.xml.