Define the variouscapital budgeting methods such as net present value (NPV)…….solved




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Finance: Define the variouscapital budgeting methods such as net present value (NPV), internal rate ofreturn (IRR), and so on, and explain how they differ from one another. Identifywhich, if any, of the methods discussed might be superior to the others andexplain why.
2. Finance: Identify and defineup to three concepts associated with making capital investment decisions suchas cash flows, sunk costs, opportunity costs, or others. Discuss why yourselected concepts are important for the investor to factor into thedecision-making process.
3. Supply Chain: What is aninventory driver? Is any inventory sign of waste? Can managers simultaneouslyjustify holding inventory and still seek ways to lower inventories? What is thedifference between a controllable and an uncontrollable inventory driver? Is itpossible to make all inventory drivers controllable?
4. SupplyChain: What type of operations and supply chain environment has more difficultymanaging capacity— n environment supporting standardized products and servicesor one that supports customized products and services? Explain. What kind ofcapacity strategy—lead, lag, or match—would be associated with supportingstandardized products or services versus customized products and services?Explain how the strategy matches the type of environment.