CSE 341 Assignment #0 Introduction to Lisp Programming solved

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This assignment is about Common Lisp programming and a soft introduction. Our aim is to make you
ready for the assignments to come and to make you gain familiarity with an unconventional (for you)
programing language paradigm.

Part 1.

You will write a program called flattener. Flattener will read a file called “nested_list.txt” and
converts it into a single list without any sub-lists. Output will be written into a file called
“flattened_list.txt”. Expected code file name is 181045999_part1.lisp

Part 2.

You will write a program called primecrawler. This program will read two integers from a file
called “boundries.txt”. Then you will implement a function that will find primes and semi-primes between
the two integers (Both ends are included) (Semi-prime number is a number that have only two prime
divisor). You will print the results into a file called, “primedistribution.txt”. For example: for given the
input file that contains 2 and 10 we expect your output as follows:

2 is Prime
3 is Prime
4 is Semi-prime
5 is Prime
6 is Semi-prime
7 is Prime
9 is Semi-prime

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10 is Semi-prime
Expected code file name is 181045999_part2.lisp

Part 3.

You will read at most 5 integers (File may contain fewer numbers) from a given file called
“integer_inputs.txt”. For each integer you will calculate the collatz sequence and print the results into a
file called “collatz_outputs.txt” as follows. For example, given integers 6, 8 and 17 your program should
have the output. You can find lots of reading material online about the collatz sequence.
6: 6 3 10 5 16 8 4 2 1
8: 8 4 2 1
17: 17 52 26 13 40 20 10 5 16 8 4 2 1
Expected code file name is 181045999_part3.lisp

Part 4.

You will write a program that will calculate the Huffman codes for a given paragraph from a file
called “paragraph.txt”. We will supply you with a paragraph. And for each character (including
whitespaces) you will construct the Huffman tree and determine the Huffman codes. For each character
you will print the character and the codes into a file called “huffman_codes.txt”. Note codes in the files
should be ordered according to their length. (Shorter codes should appear at the top of the file)
E: 0 0 0
B: 0 0 1 0
H: 0 1 0 1
Expected code file name is 181045999_part4.lisp