CSCI 3650 Assignment 1 Implementation of Gale-Shapley Algorithm for Stable Matching Problem solved

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Your Task: For this assignment you will need to implement Gale-Shapley Algorithm for
finding a stable matching. For simplicity, instead of using names, we will assume that the
men are numbered 1 through n and similarly, the women are numbered 1 through n. Your
program should output the man-optimal stable matching produced by the Gale-Shapley
Algorithm. Your implementation should be running in O(n
) time.
You are expected to write the whole program (including implementation of data strucutures involved) yourself and not borrow any existing classes or functions from the libraries
or from public domain out there.

Data Structures:

I want to make sure that all of you are comfortable in dealing with
different data structures. Use a linked list to represent the preference lists of men. Use
an array data structure to represent the preferences of women. Use a stack data structure
(that is implemented either as an array or as a linked list) to hold the set of unmatched

Input Format:

You will be given the preference lists of men and women as two separate
files. The second command line parameter will specify the name of the file in which men’s
preferences can be found. The third command line parameter will specify the name of the
file in which women’s preferences can be found. Do not hard code names of files in your
program. A sample input file showing preferences of men for the case of n = 4 is shown
below. In the very first line, the number of men is shown. The successive lines following it
represent the preference of Man 1, Man 2 etc (the preferences are separated by a space). In
the following example, Man 1’s first preference is Women 2, second preference is Women 3
and so on.
2 3 1 4
4 1 2 3
3 1 4 2
2 4 1 3
The format for the women’s preference file is identical. You can assume that the data
files are consistent and don’t have to check for their integrity.
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Output Format:

Your program should create a file whose name is specified as the fourth
command line parameter and place the output in that file. Do not hard code file names in
your program. The output should simply be n man-woman pairs, one per line. A sample
output is shown below.
1 4
2 2
3 1
4 3
Sample Command Lines: Suppose your executable is called ”stable”, then
stable boys girls matching
should get the men’s preferences from the file “boys” and should get the women’s preferences
from the file “girls” and should place the stable matching found in the file “matching”.
General remarks:

Make sure that your programs are written in C, C++ or Java and
that they can run on the xlogin system (that runs SUSE Linux OS) of the department
of computer science. Make sure to test your program on several test cases so that you
can reasonably be confident that it is correct. While implementing, it is very easy to code
certain segments of the algorithm which are not spelt in full detail in such a way that the
complexity of your program becomes more than the specified complexity of the algorithms.
Be extra careful to avoid such pitfalls.

Create a brief ”readme” file which has instructions on how one should compile and
execute your program, any assumptions that you made beyond what is explicitly given
in the handout and any limitations your program has beyond what is allowed as per this
handout. Make sure that your program has traditional comments such as name, date,
purpose etc at the beginning. Also, comment your program fairly liberally so that a reader
can understand the logic of your program easily.

Make sure that your programs are indented
consistently so that it is easy on the eyes to view it and also easy to follow the logic.
What to submit? Do not submit hard copies of your program. Do not submit your
programs on CANVAS. Handin the files you want to submit by using the submit utility. To
submit your files use the following command

~gopal-assignments/csci3650-sp21-mycolor/bin/submit 1 readme
Note that mycolor in the above command is a placeholder and should be replaced by
either purple or gold depending on the group to which you belong.
The first component invokes the submit utility. The second component is the assignment
number. The last component is the list of files (separated by blanks) that you wish to
2 CSCI 3650