CSC 834 Assignment 2 solved

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The purpose of this assignment is to practice UML and Rational Modeler. You will check the related videos to learn what UML class diagram and use case diagram are, and how to draw them with IBM Rational Modeler. You will also learn how to use Visual Studio for GUI design.

You will identify use cases and actors from your system requirements of Assignment 1, and draw a use case diagram for the project. Then you will identify classes and their relationships from the specifications of the functional requirements in Assignment 1, and draw a domain diagram (a class diagram without specifying operations of classes).

You will use Visual Studio to design GUIs for the system requirements you have specified in Assignment 1. The instructor has drawn parts of the UML diagrams and GUI designs for the project in the video. You will complete the diagram and GUI design, put them in a Word document, and send the Word file to EKU Blackboard.