CSC 4760/6760 Big Data Programming Assignment 5 solution

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1. (100 points) (Counting Tweets)
Input Datasets:
Tweets (tweets.json):
user geo tweet
Bob Atlanta It is a sunny day!
Susan Athens We have a football game today 🙂
David Atlanta Today is cold.
Lisa Auburn I love Auburn University
Ben Birmingham I will go to Atlanta today!
Paul San Francisco We watch a movie today!
Smith San Diego It is hot today. Summer comes.
Ethan Log Angeles Oscar ceremony is wonderful!
Emma Log Angeles I love Oscar ceremony!
Rolando Orlando I will go to the beach!
Mia Miami Sunny Day!
City and State lookup table (cityStateMap.json):
city state
Atlanta Georgia
Athens Georgia
Miami Florida
Orlando Florida
Birmingham Alabama
Auburn Alabama
Log Angeles California
San Francisco California
San Diego California
Problem and Output Data:
We want to count the number of tweets published in each state. The following table shows the
desired results.
state count
Georgia 3
Florida 2
Alabama 2
California 4
Design and implement a PySpark program to solve the problem. We did not provide any template
python file this time. You may want to create one python file from scratch.
You are required to use Spark Dataframe to implement this function.
Please write a report illustrating your experiments. You need to explain your basic idea about how
to count tweets in each state. You may add comments to the source code such that the source
code can be read and understood by the graders.
In the report, you should include the answers to the following questions.
1) Explanation of the source code
2) Experimental Results
2.1) Screenshots of the output. Since we plan to use Dataframe in Spark, it is easy to type in
“” to visualize the table in the terminal. Please do so and take a screenshot of the output
in the terminal. The screenshot “output.PNG” of the output in my VM is given. You can use it to
verify your outputs.
2.2) Explain your results. Does your implementation give the right answer?
Submission Materials:
a) Your report
b) Source code (.py file)
c) The screenshot of the outputs in the terminal