CSC 4760/6760 Big Data Programming Assignment 3 solution




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Problem 1. (100 points) (Setting up Spark and running the WordCount example)
This assignment aims at letting you learn how to setup Spark on your KVM. After the installation
of Spark, you need to run the WordCount (Python version) example on your KVM.
Please follow the instructions provided in the slides “14 Setup Spark on Ubuntu.pptx”. If you
have any questions, please talk with the instructor or the TA. We will help you.
Source Code and Datasets:
The Python source code is given in the file “”. You need to run it on two datasets:
1) test.txt (display the top-5 most frequent words)
2) peterpan.txt (display the top-30 most frequent words)
The example commands are as follows.
$ spark-submit /home/rob/Assignment3/test.txt 5
$ spark-submit /home/rob/Assignment3/peterpan.txt 30
Please write a report to explain the key steps. Please take the screenshots of the outputs in the
terminal for “test.txt” and “peterpan.txt” respectively. Please put them in the report and explain
the outputs briefly. You may include the following key steps.
1) Setup Spark in KVM by yourself.
2) Download the “” file and two input data files from iCollege.
3) Open a terminal, and run the “” file on “test.txt” and “peterpan.txt”
respectively. You need to explain the commands and the outputs.
Required submission materials:
a) The report should be a PDF file. Please use a text editor, such as Microsoft Word, to write a
report. Please transfer the file into a PDF file and then submit it. The name of the file should be