CSC 340.03+.04 ASSIGNMENT 04 solved

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PART A – Linked Bag. 40 points

– Please change only files: LinkedBag340.cpp and Include.h, no other files.
– We are to implement 8 small additional functions and 2 helper functions to the Linked Bag.
– Our programs must produce identical output to the output in the 2 sample runs: Asmt04_Run1.txt and Asmt04_Run2.txt
▪ Our Test 9’s output must also be identical to the sample output excepts the random values.
▪ Our Test 9’s random values in our 2 sample runs’ output must be different.

Descriptions of the 8 functions:

Please ask questions, if any, during the in-class discussions and demos for this assignment.
1. removeSecondNode340 deletes the second node in the Linked Bag. 4 pts
2. addEnd340 inserts the new node at the end of the Linked Bag. 4 pts
3. getCurrentSize340Iterative counts the number of nodes in the Linked Bag iteratively. 4 pts
4. getCurrentSize340Recursive counts the number of nodes in the Linked Bag recursively. Use 1 helper function:
getCurrentSize340RecursiveHelper. 4 pts

5. IMMEDIATE RECURSION: getCurrentSize340RecursiveNoHelper counts the number of nodes in the Linked Bag
recursively. This recursive function does not use any helper functions. 8 pts
6. getFrequencyOf340Recursive recursively counts the number of times an entry appears in the Linked Bag. Use 1 helper
function: getFrequencyOf340RecursiveHelper. 4 pts
7. IMMEDIATE RECURSION: getFrequencyOf340RecursiveNoHelper recursively counts the number of times an entry
appears in the Linked Bag. This recursive function does not use any helper functions. 8 pts

8. removeRandom340 removes a random entry from the Linked Bag. 4 pts
01 15
02 100
03 100
04 75

A: 90-100% B: 80-89% C: 70-79% D: 60-69% F: 0-60%
The course grader provides feedback to your assignments
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PART B – Smart Pointers. 15 points

– For each of the following statements, please:
▪ Explain the statement in 5 or more sentences. Please think Interviews. And
▪ Create a new code experiment to demonstrate our understanding.
▪ Please remember to submit our code and document our experiment in our assignment report.

1. Deleting the same memory twice: This error can happen when two pointers address the same dynamically allocated object.
If delete is applied to one of the pointers, then the object’s memory is returned to the Free store. If we subsequently
delete the second pointer, then the Free-store may be corrupted.
2. Use smart pointers… Objects that must be allocated with new, but you like to have the same lifetime as other
objects/variables on the Run-time stack. Objects assigned to smart pointers will be deleted when program exits that
function or block.

3. Use smart pointers… Data members of classes, so when an object is deleted all the owned data is deleted as well (without
any special code in the destructor).
4. Converting unique_ptr to shared_ptr is easy. Use unique_ptr first and covert unique_ptr to shared_ptr when
5. Use weak_ptr for shared_ptr like pointers that can dangle.

PART C – Linked Bag, Smart Pointers Version. 20 points

– Create a Smart Pointers version of our PART A’s Linked Bag:
1. Please create a copy of our entire PART A solution and name it: PartC_SmartPointers.
2. Then go through all the files, not just LinkedBag340.cpp, and use smart pointers properly where it is possible.
3. In our assignment report, list the file names and the line numbers in which we use smart pointers. For each smart pointer,
explain in 5 or more sentences why it is a proper use.

4. This Smart Pointers version must work properly and produce identical output like that of our PART A version.
5. In addition, please update and add destructor(s) so that the program displays more information (in addition to the output
required and described above) when object(s) get destroyed.
6. Please remember to submit our code of this part. Save the code under a folder named “PartC_SmartPointers” and
include this folder in the assignment submission ZIP. Please remember to document this part in the assignment report.

PART D – Linked Bag, Creativity. 5 Extra Credit points

– Please create a copy of our entire PART C solution and name it: PartD_IamCreative
– This part is to show off our creative mind. Please implement a new function for Part C’s LinkedBag. We need to add code to
LinkedBag340.cpp and Include.h and write PartD.cpp to demonstrate how this new function works.
– Requirements, this function shall:
1. Perform one meaningful task. Please use the first paragraph of at least 5 sentences in PART D to explain why it is a
meaningful task.
2. Modify the LinkedBag’s content every time it runs.
3. Use Smart Pointers in its parameter list, in its implementation, and as return value(s).
– Our graders expect higher quality in this part: creativity, a meaningful task, clean code, and clear documentation and report.
Happy coding and thank you!