CSC 210.03 Assignment 4 BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) COMPUTATION PRO solved

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❐Part 1: BMI Using Methods [15 points]

1. Please do/redo the Part 2 of Assignment 03 using at least 2 methods. ● Name our methods bmiStd and bmiPro. ● bmiStd behaves like the standard version of our program and bmiPro behaves like the version 2. Our program must produce an identical output as that of Assignment 03 Part 1 for Pro version, and Assignment 01 for Standard version OUTPUT OF SAMPLE RUN FROM ASSIGNMENT 1 OUTPUT OF SAMPLE RUN FROM ASSIGNMENT 3 PART 1

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Submit the 1 file directly on iLearn 2. Take a screenshot of both outputs of your program and paste it here Output of Standard Version :

Output of Pro Version :

❐Part 2: Tracking the Value of a Dice [15 points]

Please write a Java program to track the count of each face of a dice as the user chooses to throw the dice several times. You may use this Java file as a starting point, download and please edit this file to complete our program. We are given 1 dice , with 6 face values : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Your task will be to create a program that will 1. Prompt the user for a number of throws, anywhere between 1 and 1 million times.

● You can assume the user will not enter anything more than 10_000_000 for this assignment ● We don’t a negative value or a very high number ● We want to use a Sentinel value. For my example I have used the integer 0 2. Unless the user enters a Sentinel value, of your choosing, you will continue to prompt the user for another number of throws

3. Outputs of Valid and Other outputs should look exactly like the below example Example output: of 10000 throws EAch of the output represent the count for when each face is selected first loop/ throw 0,0,0,0,0,0 // dice face 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 0,1,0,0,0,0// count1, count2, count3…. 156, 135, 125 , 145, 100 = what is the average Take that average/ divided by total throws ==1/6

Print out will be 1. Print each count ,

2. Print each dice face Invalid value and Sentinel value output The Objective of this assignment is to A. Learn how to build a fully functional program, which validates users, by using methods, loops, selections, and data types B. To prove that, after a large amount of the dice throw, you do see the proof of the mathematical probability of each face of the dice as ⅙ for each face

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Submit the 1 file directly on iLearn 2. Take a screenshot of the output of your program showing the valid output and the average probability of each face as ⅙ and the output with sentinel and invalid values (negative and bigger than 1 million; If you test with too big a value you may run into errors, just test with 10 million or less)

0 Valid Output :

Invalid and Sentinel Output :

❐Part 3: Reflect with a Buddy 50 words [15 points]

1. Find your buddy. Look at the Study Buddy sheet and pair up with your assigned buddy. Or find someone to partner this task with. 2. You can set up a Slack, Discord, or a Zoom with your buddy to asynchronously or synchronously talk about anything, and also reflect on what was helpful and not helpful in completing this homework.

3. Each student will need to create 1 post to mark this assignment as complete. Have fun with this one!! 👋 Assignment 4