CS 213 Project #3 Solved

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Project Description

Your team will revamp the user interface for the software you developed in Project 2 and develop a GUI (graphical
user interface) with JavaFX. The GUI shall replace the TuitionManager class in Project 2 and provide the same
functionalities, that is, you must meet ALL the functional requirements stated in Project 1 and 2.

Project Requirement

1. You MUST follow the Coding Standard posted on Canvas under Week #1 in the “Modules”. You will lose points
if you are not following the rules.
2. You are responsible for following the Academic Integrity Policy. See the Additional Note #14 in the syllabus.

The consequences of violation of Academic Integrity Policy are: (i) your group receives 0 (zero) on the project,
(ii) the violation is reported, (iii) a record on your file of this violation.
3. Each source file (.java file) can only include one public Java class, and the file name is the same with the Java
class name, or you will lose -2 points.

4. You MUST include all the Java classes from Project 2 and use them in this project, EXCEPT the TuitionManager
class and RunProject2 class. You will lose 5 points for each class in Project 2 not used. You will lose 10 points
if you use NOTE, if you lose points in Project 2, you must fix the problems, or you will
lose points again for the same cause!
5. This project uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. You must include only ONE JavaFX fxml
file for the “View”, ONE controller class for the “Controller”, and ALL the classes from Project 2 as the
“Model”. In addition, there will be ONE additional Java file that contains the main() method to “launch” the
GUI. You will get 0 points if you don’t follow the MVC design pattern.
6. You should design the GUI for this project, and you can use any JavaFX UI control objects.
7. You MUST set the title of the stage (title for the window), or -2 points.

8. You are NOT ALLOWED to use System.out (write to console) or (read from console) ANYWHERE
in ALL CLASSES, or you will lose 3 points for each violation, with a maximum of losing 10 points. This
means you MUST modify all the print() methods to return a string. All read and write must be done on the GUI.
CS 213 Project #3 – 120 points
9. You are required to generate the Javadoc after you properly commented your code. Your Javadoc must
include the documentations for the constructors, private methods and public methods of all Java classes (*.java

• You DO NOT need to comment the,
• You MUST comment
• DO NOT include the *.fxml file, which is NOT a java file.
• Generate the Javadoc in a single folder and include it in your project folder to be submitted to Canvas.
• You are responsible to double check your Javadoc after you generated them. The grader will navigate the
Javadoc with the “index.html”. You will lose 5 points for not including the Javadoc, OR, the grader cannot
navigate your Javadoc through the “index.html”.
10. System Testing.

• You MUST create a test specification and design the test cases for testing the GUI. The Test Specification
is worth 15 points.
• Use the test cases in Project2TestCases.txt as a reference to design your test cases to run the System
Testing through your GUI.

• You MUST use the table template in the Coding Standard to organize the test cases, or you will get 0 points
for this part.
• Use your test cases to manually test your GUI. All invalid data should be rejected by the GUI. Proper error
messages must be displayed on the GUI. You will lose 2 points for each invalid condition not rejected, or
each error message not properly displayed.

• You are responsible to thoroughly test your software with the test cases you designed. Your software must
always run in a sane state and should not crash in any circumstances. The grader, as a user of your
software, will try to produce exceptions while trying to use your GUI. You must handle all exceptions. Your
software shall continue to run until the grader stops the execution or closes the GUI window. You will lose 2
points for each exception not caught.