Create a C# console program. A company has three salespeople……solved




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Create a C# console program. A company has three salespeople (1 to 30 who sell five different products (1 to 5). Once a day , each salesperson passes in a slip for each type pf product sold. Each slip contains the following:

A) The salespersons number

B) The product number

C) The total dollar value of that product sold that day.

Each salesperson passes in between 0 and 5 sales slips per day. Assume that the information from all of the slips for the last month is available . Write an app that will reads all the information for the last month’s sales and summarize the total sales by salesperson and by product. All totals should be stored in rectangle array sales. After processing all the information fro the last month, display the results in tabular format, with each column representing a particular salesperson and each row representing a particular product. Cross-total each row to get the total sales of each product for the last month . Cross-total each column to get the total sales by salesperson fro the last month. Your tabular output should include these cross-totals to the right of the totaled rows and below the totaled columns.

It should have a two-dimensional array and a loop process multiple sales slips entered by the user. (The loop can be counter controlled for 5 or 10 sales slips, or sentinel controlled. It is up to you.) The user should be prompted for the salesperson number, product number, and total dollar value for that sales slip and then use this information to add the dollar value to the appropriate position in the array. …Once entry is complete it should print the table as the assignment says, including row and column totals.

The row average for the students is really a row total divided by the count, so you could use that kind of logic as a starting point. Some people in past made the array one size bigger on each side and as a value was added to a place in the array for the table, they also added it to the end column and row at the same time…generating the totals during the load.