CPE 202 Lab 1 Solved

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1 Location

Review the code in Note that there is a class definition for a Location class and an associated
__init__ method. In addition, there is code to create Location objects and print information associated with
those objects.
Without modifying the code, run Note the information that is printed out for each Location object.
You should see something like:
Location 1: <__main__.Location object at 0x000001F6A2E0C7B8 >
Since we haven’t provided any specific method to provide a representation for the class, Python uses a default
method. What do you notice about the information for Locations 1 and 4?
Also note the result of the equality comparisons between the locations, in particular, loc1 == loc3 and loc1 ==
loc4. Make sure you understand why the results are what they are.
Now modify the code, adding in the methods __eq__ and __repr__. See the
to figure out how the repr should behave.
Run the code with the modifications made above.
Now review the information printed out for each location. The __repr__ method of Location is now being used
when printing the object.
Examine the results of the equal comparisons. How are they different from before the __eq__ method is added?

2 Recursion Samples

Take a look at each function in Discuss with others in lab and make sure you understand all of the code
in each function. Ask your instructor if you have questions about anything!
CPE 202 Lab 1, Page 2 of 2
Take a look at each test in Discuss with others in lab and make sure you understand all of the
test cases. Ask your instructor if you have questions about anything!

3 Recursion and Iteration
3.1 Implementation

In the file, complete the functions specified. Pay careful attention to the details of the specification for each
You may not:
• Use the builtin Python function reversed.
• Use the builtin Python function max.
• Reverse a list using only slicing (e.g., my_list[::-1]).

3.2 Testing

Testing is one of the most important task that one can perform while programming. Proper testing provides a degree
of confidence in your solution. Writing high quality test cases can greatly simplify the tasks of both finding and fixing
bugs and, as such, will save you time during development. However, no degree of testing will every guarantee
that your program is correct.
For this part of the lab, you will practice writing some simple test cases to gain experience with the unittest

Using the editor/IDE of your choice, open the file. You must add additional test cases to verify
that your functions are correct.
To ensure your tests are thorough, I have incorrect versions of the functions in that I will run your tests
against. If your tests aren’t about to expose the flaw in my broken code, then your tests are not thorough enough.

4 GitHub Submission

Push your finished code back to GitHub. Refer to Lab 0, as needed, to remember how to push your local code.