COP 3223 Programming Section 1 Assignment 0 Hello World! Solved

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Assignment 0 Hello World!


  1. To give students practice at typing in, compiling and running a simple program.
  2. To give students practice turning in a required Assignment program over WebCourses2 (Canvas).


Problem: Hello World

Write a complete C program with a header comment that includes your name, the course and section number, the assignment title, the date and a brief description of the program and prints out the words “Hello World!” to the screen. (Note: do NOT print the double quote characters also.)



One source (that ends in .c) file: hello.c


Submit this file over WebCourses2/Canvas using the following directions:

  1. Login to the with your PID and PID password.
  2. Once on the Home page, click on courses, select the course COP3223.
  3. Now on this page, locate the Assignments tab (on the left hand side of the page).
  4. Select the hyperlink Assignments on the left hand side of the page and it will navigate you to the Upcoming Assignments
  5. On this page you would be able to view three types of assignments
    1. Upcoming Assignments (Due date is available)
    2. Undated Assignments(Due date not yet set)
    3. Past Assignments (Assignments already submitted and due date is expired)
  6. Upcoming assignments Due Date can be seen just to the right of the assignments/homework title.
  7. Click the  Link  related to the assignment you want to submit (for this time, it is Assignment Zero).
  8. Once you click on that you will see a page with a Submit Assignment button on the right.
  9. When you click Submit Assignment, you then 1) click Choose File to browse your computer and select the file you wish to submit (it should be a .c file) 2) There is a space for comments (you should generally leave this blank, unless you need to tell the grader something very important) 3)  once you have selected your submitable file, you click on Submit Assignment at the bottom of the page. If this was successful, you will then see a green check-mark.
  10. You can also resubmit a file in case of any errors or if you want to submit a entirely new file.
  11. No issue of multiple submissions will happen here, the newly submitted file will overwrite the old file.

Assignment 0 Hello World!


Although you may use other compilers, your program must compile and run using  DevC++. Please test your program in a DevC++ environment before submitting your file.

Your program should include a header comment with the following information: your name, course number, section number, assignment title, and date. Also, for future homeworks, make sure you include ample comments throughout your code describing the major steps in solving the problem; this time, one additional comment will suffice.


Grading Details

For this assignment, you will get full credit if you do the following items:

(Unfortunately, the credit value of this homework is so insignificant, it will have

absolutely no impact on your final grade for the class.)


1) Turn in a .c file.

2) Include an appropriate header comment in your file.

3) Have a file that properly compiles and runs (giving the correct output on the black screen)  in DevC++.

Assignment 0 Hello World!