COP 290 Assignment 3 solved

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 In this assignment, you have to implement Arithmetic Operations for a very large number
(Even larger than long long int).
 Basic operations which are needed to be implemented are: Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication and Division.
 Other operations includes: square root, Absolute value and power.
 Programming languages allowed are ANSI-C and C++.
 You are only allowed to use stdio, string and other libraries which inherently doesn’t
implement big number library.

 Your submission should contain a zipped folder whose name is your entry number and
should contain the folder having all the .c /.cpp files and a makefile.
 e.g. Your submission will have a zip folder( which contains
another folder(2018MCS2018) having all codes and makefile
 Your main executable should be named as mainfile which is made by make command.
 mainfile should take two command line arguments i.e. and
 Your code should run like: ./mainfile input.txt output.txt
 Input.txt (i.e. the input file) will contain the different queries, corresponding to each
arithmetic operations.
 Query Format: Each line of input file corresponds to a query which is in the format:

 Operator can be one of the strings: ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, SQRT, ABS, POW
 Operand will be String representing a floating point decimal number.
 For each query, you have to print a single lined output in Output.txt which is also a string
corresponding to floating point decimal number.

 You need to handle the cases where the operand or results are negative values.
 Please refer to sample input files with corresponding output files for further details.
 For floating point results the precision should be correct up to 20 digits after decimal
COP 290 Assignment 3