COP 2002 Project 8-1: Contact Manager with exception handling solved

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Add exception handling to the contacts program that manages the primary email
address and phone number for a contact, from Module 7.
Could not find contacts file!
Starting new contacts file…
Contact Manager
list – Display all contacts
view – View a contact
add – Add a contact
del – Delete a contact
exit – Exit program
Command: list
There are no contacts in the list.
Command: add
Name: Bugsy Lapin
Phone: 352-555-2468
Bugsy Lapin was added.
Command: view
Number: 8
Invalid contact number.
Command: view
Number: B
Invalid integer.
Command: view
Number: 1
Name: Bugsy Lapin
Phone: 352-555-2468
 When you start the program, it should read the contacts from a CSV file.
 If the program can’t find the CSV file, it should display an appropriate message and create a new
CSV file that doesn’t contain any contact data.
 For the view and del commands, display an appropriate error message if the user enters an invalid
integer or an invalid contact number.
 When you add or delete a contact, the change should be saved to the CSV file immediately.
 Save the file with the filename where XXX is either your initials or your last