COMP9321 Assignment One Welcome to Barcelona solved

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In this assignment, you will be given some ‘real experience’ on your week 1-2 lecture content. You are
asked to make some CRUD(create,read,update and delete) operations to the data-set which we provided.

After finish this assignment you should have some idea about how to do data ingestion,cleansing and
manipulation on a small-size data-set(less than 5MB). In this assignment, we will work on the data
which from Barcelona.

1See In With SSH/#CSE Login Servers
Question 0.
(0 mark)

Download the zip file which contain a python code template and a few csv files: Do not
change the file name.


• For assessment reason, printed data in table rows should be separated by one single space;
• Some inconsistent names in files don’t need to be changed in this assignment(e.g. Sant Mart´ı
and Sant Marti, also Horta-Guinard´o and Horta-Guinardo, ”Meridiana” and ”Av Meridiana”);
• Names like ARAGO´ shall be converted to Arag´o ;

• Names in dataset may be in BLOCK LETTERS(Upper cased) or lower cased, they should be
corrected to Title Style, except for “la”, “de”, “d0” and “l0”. e.g. “El Camp de l0Arpa Del Clot” ;
• Multiple street values shall not be changed and be kept as it is;
• For Q2 – Q5, invalid data like “Unknown”, “–” shall be removed;

• In Q4, you need only match by hour, day, month and district names of stations and accidents;
You can assume all data are in the same year; Accident outside the range of air stations can be
• Sample testing for Q1 and Q3 is updated; We are planning an update sample testing and release
a less buggy version for Q4 part 1,2;

• Human review will be involved in terms of final marking for this assignment, which means some
formatting disagreement in the sample auto testing will still be marked right.

Question 1.
(1 mark)

Barcelona is second largest city on Spain, accidents are quite normal in a city of such scale. In this
question, you are require to read the accident data(“accidents 2017.csv”) correctly and print table head
with first 10 lines of data.

Sample output is as follow:
Id “District Name” “Neighborhood Name” Street Weekday Month Day Hour “Part of the day” “Mild injuries” “Serious injuries” Victims “Vehicles involved” Longitude Latitude
2017S008429 Unknown Unknown “N´umero 27” Friday October 13 8 Morning 2 0 2 2 2.12562442 41.34004482
2017S004615 “Sant Mart´ı” “El Camp de l’Arpa Del Clot” “Las Navas de Tolosa” Thursday May 25 14 Afternoon 1 0 1 3 2.1852720000000003 41.416365

Question 2.
(2 mark)

You may noticed during the first question that some fields in this file is “unknown“. In this question
you need to remove all lines with “unknown” fields, and save to “result q2.csv”.
Sample output is as follow:
result q2.csv :

“Id”,”District Name”,”Neighborhood Name”,”Street”,”Weekday”,”Month”,”Day”,”Hour”,”Part of the day”,”Mild injuries”,”Serious injuries”,”Victims”,”Vehicles involved”,”Longitude”,”Latitude”
“2017S004615 “,”Sant Mart´ı”,”El Camp de l’Arpa del Clot”,”Las Navas de Tolosa “,”Thursday”,”May”,25,14,”Afternoon”,1,0,1,3,2.185272,41.416365
“2017S007775 “,”Sant Mart´ı”,”El Camp de l’Arpa del Clot”,”Ind´ustria / Trinxant “,”Wednesday”,”September”,20,12,”Morning”,1,0,1,2,2.183245,41.416336


Question 3.
(3 mark)

Statistics of accidents can be useful, and in this question, you are asked to produce and print a table of
total numbers of accidents in different district(“District Name” in the dataset) with names, descending
ordered. Note: Using the data which don’t have the ”unknown” field Sample output is as follow:
“District Name” “Total numbers of accidents”
Eixample 3029
“Sant Mart´ı” 1104

Question 4.
(4 marks)

It is also interesting to view different data together. “air stations Nov2017.csv” contains air quality
station information while “air quality Nov2017.csv” is the air quality logs. Firstly, print the air station names with its district names, in json format; Secondly, print the first 10 records that the air
quality is NOT “Good”; Finally, save the accident data when the air quality is NOT “Good”, into
’result q4.csv’, in the same format of the original “accidents 2017.csv”.

(Using the cleaned data)
Sample output is as follow:
[…,{“Station”:”Barcelona – Vallvidrera, El Tibidabo I Les Planes”,”District Name”:”Sarri\u00e0-Sant Gervasi”}, {“Station: …, “District Name”:”…}, …]
Station “Air Quality” Longitude Latitude “O3 Hour” “O3 Quality” “O3 Value” “NO2 Hour” “NO2 Quality” “NO2 Value” “PM10 Hour” “PM10 Quality” “PM10 Value” Generated “Date Time”

“Barcelona – Eixample” Moderate 2.1538 41.3853 0h Good 1.0 0h Moderate 113.0 0h Good 36.0 “01/11/2018 0:00” 1541027104
“Barcelona – Eixample” Moderate 2.1538 41.3853 20h Good 1.0 20h Moderate 92.0 21h Good 17.0 “02/11/2018 21:00” 1541189103

result q4.csv :
“Id”,”District Name”,”Neighborhood Name”,”Street”,”Weekday”,”Month”,”Day”,”Hour”,”Part of the day”,”Mild injuries”,”Serious injuries”,”Victims”,”Vehicles involved”,”Longitude”,”Latitude”
“2017S005097 “,”Eixample”,”Sant Antoni”,”Corts Catalanes / Vilamar “,”Saturday”,”June”,10,16,”Afternoon”,1,0,1,2,2.15178,41.377044
“2017S009475 “,”Eixample”,”Sant Antoni”,”Paral·lel / Floridablanca “,”Wednesday”,”November”,15,17,”Afternoon”,1,0,1,2,2.154167,41.375

Question 5.
(Bonus 3 marks, with all other assignments, capped to 40 marks)

New map file available for downloaded.
Plot a Heat Map to show the total accident data on the provided map(“Map.png”), where the coordinates start from UTM 31T 409584 4594121 to 31T 451699 4570324. The ploted map should be
saved as ”plot.png” with the same size of the original map (some data may be outside the range and
they should be considered as outliers).

You are free to use your own map and ignore the coordinates above. And when submission, simply
give cs9321 assn1 map.png


Submit you python source code through give commend on CSE machine(or VLAB/SSH):
give cs9321 assn1
give cs9321 assn1 map.png
Note: If your code fails to run, you will get 0 on this assignment. Please make sure your
python version is 3.7.2, and it works properly on the CSE machine. We don’t accept any
reason like:‘ It works on my own computer, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work on

Late Penalties

You will lose 2 marks for each day the assignment is late.
Plagiarism will result in 0 marks in Term 1, 2019 for this course.
Finally, and also very importantly, have fun!
COMP9321 administration team.