Comp 6751 Project 3…solved

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Description: You are to develop a feature grammar for NLTK’s feature based Earley’s Chart parser
(parser class “FeatureEarleyChartParser”).
You are trying to develop the best grammar you can: wider coverage, less acceptance of ungrammatical
information, and you are trying to connect sentiment and discourse relation information.
You may use the NLTK feature grammars feat0.fcfg, feat1.fcfg, simple-sem.fcfg to get started, but you
may choose to start from scratch. Use the Student Exchange Forum regularly, no matter how you proceed.
Required coverage
1. simple declarative sentence with a sentiment-bearing adjective (He gave her an ugly sweater .)
2. conjunction (and, or, but) of sentiment bearing adjectives or nouns (I saw a dull and scary movie,
It was a mess and a hazard)
3. conjunction (and, or, but) of sentiment bearing sentences (It was too long but entertaining)
NLTK resources: NLTK Ch 9 explains how to write a feature grammar in detail. It is required reading
for the last two projects.
In addition, you should use the feature grammars in NLTK, as well as the opinion lexicon and the
sentence polarity dataset.
• opinion_lexicon
A list of positive and negative opinion words or sentiment words for English.
>>> from nltk.corpus import opinion_lexicon
>>> opinion_lexicon.words()[:4]
[’2-faced’, ’2-faces’, ’abnormal’, ’abolish’]
• sentence_polarity
The Sentence Polarity dataset contains 5331 positive and 5331 negative processed sentences.
>>> from nltk.corpus import sentence_polarity
>>> sentence_polarity.sents()
[[’simplistic’, ’,’, ’silly’, ’and’, ’tedious’, ’.’], [“it’s”, ’so’, ’laddish’,
’and’, ’juvenile’, ’,’, ’only’, ’teenage’, ’boys’, ’could’, ’possibly’, ’find’,
’it’, ’funny’, ’.’], …]
>>> sentence_polarity.categories()
[’neg’, ’pos’]
>>> sentence_polarity.sents()[1]
[“it’s”, ’so’, ’laddish’, ’and’, ’juvenile’, ’,’, ’only’, ’teenage’, ’boys’,
’could’, ’possibly’, ’find’, ’it’, ’funny’, ’.’]
Create a file Good with your training sentences that your grammar parses and labels correctly.
Create a file False with your training sentences that your grammar does not parse or label correctly.
• 1 file: your well-annotated grammar (4pts, Grad Attr. 4,5,6)
• 1 file: Good with annotations (3pts, Grad Attr. 4,5,6)
• 1 file: False with annotations (1pt, Grad Attr. 4,5,6)
• 1 file: A report that includes:
– one page justifying your design (Why did you make the grammar do what it does? Why did
you make it not do what it doesn’t?) (2pts, Grad Attr. 1, 6)
– one page critiquing your design (What does your grammar not do that you think important?)
(1pt, Grad Attr. 1, 6)
– one page of ideas what kind of semantics you can do with your grammar (and how much
additional work that would require) (1pts, Grad Attr. 1, 6)
Page limits are strict.
Negative starter data from NLTK data > sentence polarity > rt-polarity.neg
clayburgh and tambor are charming performers ; neither of them deserves eric schaeffer .
a pale xerox of other , better crime movies .
. . . a hokey piece of nonsense that tries too hard to be emotional .
illiterate , often inert sci-fi action thriller .
a perfect example of rancid , well-intentioned , but shamelessly manipulative movie making .
the adventure doesn’t contain half the excitement of balto , or quarter the fun of toy story 2 .
essentially a collection of bits – and they’re all naughty .
a mess . the screenplay does too much meandering , norton has to recite bland police procedural
details , fiennes wanders around in an attempt to seem weird and distanced , hopkins looks like
a drag queen .
Positive starter data from NLTK data > sentence polarity > rt-polarity.pos
a mostly intelligent , engrossing and psychologically resonant suspenser .
it’s this memory-as-identity obviation that gives secret life its intermittent unease , reaffirming
that long-held illusions are indeed reality , and that erasing them recasts the self .
hip-hop has a history , and it’s a metaphor for this love story .
in scope , ambition and accomplishment , children of the century . . . takes kurys’ career to a
whole new level .
this may not have the dramatic gut-wrenching impact of other holocaust films , but it’s a compelling story , mainly because of the way it’s told by the people who were there .
between the drama of cube ? s personal revelations regarding what the shop means in the big
picture , iconic characters gambol fluidly through the story , with charming results .
a gentle , compassionate drama about grief and healing .
somewhere short of tremors on the modern b-scene : neither as funny nor as clever , though
an agreeably unpretentious way to spend ninety minutes .
digital-video documentary about stand-up comedians is a great glimpse into a very different
world .
unlike most teen flicks , swimming takes its time to tell its story , casts mostly little-known
performers in key roles , and introduces some intriguing ambiguity .
an enthralling , playful film that constantly frustrates our desire to know the ’truth’ about this
man , while deconstructing the very format of the biography in a manner that derrida would
doubtless give his blessing to .