COMP 642 Exam 1 Solved

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Explain how AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are interconnected
and how they are different? Be sure and include a definition for each and
a timeline. For Machine Learning go into more detail by discussing
categories and giving examples.


Explain the end to end process for machine learning including why each
step is important and what is accomplished in each step.


Compare and contrast Perceptron, Adaline, and Logistic Regression
including what parameters impact the models and what is common
between the three models and what is different.


Explain the algorithm for each of the following models: KNN, Decision
Tree and SVM. What are pros and cons of these types of models? You
do not need to answer pros and cons for each model but for this group of


Why is Dimensionality Reduction important? What is feature selection
versus extraction and what are example techniques for each?

COMP 642 Exam 1