COMP 1123 ASSIGNMENT 8 solved

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Write the class Palindrome which first asks the user to enter a file name with a txt extension. You can assume the user will always enter a valid file name of a non-empty file which is located in the same folder as
Read in the contents of the file, and check whether or not the contents is a palindrome.
See section 5.5 of the text for an example which uses files.
Your code will be tested with the palindrome at:


Write the code for which displays the following:

The GUI is used for converting between Unicode and char. I enter a Unicode in the text field, hit Enter, and its corresponding char is displayed beside the text field:

I can enter another Unicode and hit Enter:

When I click on the other radio button, the text at the top is cleared:

If I enter a char it will be converted to its Unicode after hitting the Enter key:

I can enter a different char and hit Enter:

Clicking on the other radio button, clears the text:

Assume the user will only enter valid input.


Submit which contains ONLY the following files:
• longPalindrome.txt