Communication in Organizations…….solved




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For this assignment, you will write a research paper on communication skills. The general nature of the paper is flexible, but it should relate to one or more of the topics that we discuss during the course. Topics may include, but are not limited to*, the following: 1. Effective Public Speaking 2. Communication and Diversity in the Workplace 3. Listening Skills 4. Communication and Work Relationships 5. Verbal and Nonverbal Skills 6. Communication in Organizations 7. Negotiation and Conflict Management 8. Communication Skills and Leadership 9. Group Communication 10. Communication and Interviewing Skills The paper should utilize but at the same time go beyond what we covered throughout the session about communication skills in the workplace. In this paper, your purpose is not merely to summarize literature. Rather, you need to connect the literature that you focus on to “actual” information, data and/or cases that you can find about the topic. This does not mean that you are required to gather new data. Rather, you are required to search for books, peer-reviewed journal articles, research reports, news, government reports, media, reports from international organizations, cases or case study summaries, etc. that can help illustrate your points. The research paper will be comprised of the following criteria: • Each report will follow the APA format typed and double-spaced utilizing one (1) inch margins and size twelve (12) font in Times New Roman or Arial. • A title page as well as a reference section will be required and are not included in the length of the assigned papers. The title page will include the assignment title, course number, your name and the date submitted. • An abstract is not required, but is welcome. If you choose to include an abstract, it will not be included in the 3-5 page requirement of written text in the body of the paper. • All pages are to be numbered accordingly. • You must demonstrate content mastery of course material through the use of other in-class writing assignments as deemed appropriate by the instructor. • You are expected to cite at least one new reference per each typed page. You may cite the textbook in your paper, but it will only count as one reference. • You are expected to thoroughly proofread and edit your paper before submission. If your paper has excessive spelling, grammatical, editing, and/or APA formatting errors, points will be deducted during the grading process. The course syllabus contains the grading rubric that will be used to evaluate your assignment.