CMSC255 Programming Project 6 Ice Cream Shop solution

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Mal’s Ice Cream Shop sells ice cream and sundaes. They need a system to keep track of customer’s purchases. The shop needs some abstraction to keep track of their customers and the ice cream that those customers purchase. You will design a data type using abstraction, that models ice cream options and another one that models a customer.

The name of the ice cream Java class is Ice The characteristics that define an ice cream selection are the following: Size: SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE, SUNDAE Flavor: VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, ROCKY_ROAD, STRAWBERRY, MINT_CHOCOLATE_CHIP, OREO, BUTTER_PECAN Sauce: NONE, HOT_FUDGE, CARAMEL, STRAWBERRY Topping: NONE, SPRINKLES, NUTS, CHOCOLATE_FLAKES, GUMMIES, CANDY ToppingSun: NONE, WHIPPED_CREAM_AND_CHERRY All the fields above will be expressed as Java Enumeration Types to restrict the values that can be assigned to these instance variables.

The parameterized constructor should have the following definition: IceCream(Size size) This constructor will only pass in the size of the ice cream. It will set default values for all the other characteristics, which are the first value in the enumerated lists. The default constructor will assign the default values for all the characteristics of the ice cream. Once the IceCream object is created, the program will then ask the user to enter the flavor of the ice cream.

Once the flavor has been selected, the program will ask the user for the sauce they would like, and the program will ask which topping they would like. If the user ordered a sundae, then ToppingSun will be assigned to WHIPPED_CREAM_AND_CHERRY, else it will be NONE. The IceCream class will have accessors and mutators for each attribute/characteristic as well as a toString method that prints each characteristic of the IceCream object indented by a tab on its on line.

You will start the printing with a new line and then a tab. The other data type that needs to be defined represents a customer for the shop. The name of the Java class is The important characteristics of a customer for the application are the following: firstName: String lastName: String phone: String email: String iceCream: ArrayList When a new customer orders ice cream, they must provide their full name, phone number and email. You will use this data to create a customer object.

Each time a user orders an ice cream option, that ice cream will be added to the list of ice creams for the customer’s order. This list will contain objects of type IceCream. The default constructor will place null into each of the String attribute fields when called and create an empty array list in the iceCream attribute. Here is the definition for the parameterized constructor: public Customer (String lastName, String firstName, String phone, String email)

This constructor will initialize all attributes making sure to initialize the values passed in for the first four attributes. You will have an accessor and mutator for the firstName, lastName, phone, and email attributes. You will have an orderIceCream() method that will add an IceCream object to the Customer object. It will also increment the numIceCream attribute. You will have a getNumIceCream that will let you know how many IceCream objects are associated with a Customer object.

You will have a getIceCream method that will return the ArrayList of IceCreams associated with the Customer object. Here are two examples of what a typical output would be from calling the toString() method for a customer with two ice cream selections and with one ice cream selection. Note that the Customer’s toString() method must also call the toString() method for each IceCream object the customer has.

Caroline Budwell 804-937-8111 Ice Cream Order: DOUBLE ROCKY_ROAD NONE NONE SUNDAE VANILLA HOT_FUDGE SPRINKLES WHIPPED_CREAM_AND_CHERRY Zach Whitten 555-222-1111 123 Maple Avenue Ice Cream Order: SINGLE OREO NONE CANDY NONE Make sure that you use the UML Class Diagrams below to build your classes. You will test your classes using the,, and JUnit tests.

You can also test your code by building a file, which will have a main method, where you will build Customer and IceCream objects and perform the methods from the classes on them. This and all program files in this course must include a comment block at the beginning (top) of the source code file that contains: • the Java program name • project description • your name • the version date • the course number and section The comment block for the header should look like this:

/**************************************************************************** * Java program name **************************************************************************** * Project description *_____________________________________________________ * Your name * The version date * The course number and section ****************************************************************************/

In addition, each item created in each class file should be commented using Javadocs commenting format as show below: /** The variable, constructor, or method is as specified. */ You will submit your code for your testing program as your algorithm. It should create two Customer objects and populate them with the IceCream object orders above.

This code is due when your algorithm is due. You will submit your Java source code files (,, and the six Enum classes) by uploading the files to the Assignment link in Blackboard. Please do not submit your files in a zipped folder. Ask questions about any part of the programming project that is not clear!

Grading Rubric Criteria Points Program file s named and submitted as specified 5 All variables, methods and constructors are properly commented using Javadocs commenting 1 0 Enumerations are syntactically correct and used properly 10 IceCream instance data members are correctly declared 5 IceCream default and parameterized constructor correctly written 5

IceCream specified accessor and mutator methods correctly constructed 20 IceCream toString() method written correctly 5 Customer instance data members are correctly declared 5 Customer default and parameterized constructor correctly written 5

Customer specified accessor and mutator methods correctly constructed 2 0 Customer toString() method written correctly 5 Program layout and appearance (Coding style is clear and easily understood) 5 TOTAL 100 UML Diagrams