CMSC 401 Assignment 3 solved

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Word Mining

• Assume that you are given a huge file consisting of
billions of emails
• You are asked to point some of the words in this file
by providing the whole sentence that contains these

• Assume that you already found out the start and end
positions of the sentences
– A sorted array S[] of numbers indicating positions from the
start of the text
– First letter is at index 1
• Assume that you also parsed the collection and found
the positions of the first letter of the words
– A sorted array of W[] of numbers that contain the positions

• Your task is, given S[] and W[],
– Find starting and ending position of each sentence that
contains the word of interest
– Design a quick algorithm using one of the data structures
you learned. Assume size N of S[] is much greater than
size M of W[].

• You should not just go through S[] in a loop to find the
sentences, as it will be O(N). It will be slow for huge data even it is linear.
• Hint: A balanced Binary Search Tree can do searches in
O(log(N)). But
– how to insert data to make the tree balanced?
– how to modify search to get the answer after tree is

Write a program that

• takes as input
– Line 1: single integer N>=1, size of array S[]
– Line 2: single integer M>=1, size of array W[]
– Lines 3..(N+2): N positive integers in array S[]
indicating the ends of sentences
– Lines (N+3)…(N+M+2): M positive integers in
array W[], positions of the words searched
• returns as output

– Line 1: number of sentences that contain the
words searched
– Following lines: two integers: i) start and end
of the sentence that contains the word
• end: (previous sentence end)+1

1 25
34 74

The example corresponds to the word ”output” and the text:
No human-oriented output. Please. Such output creates problems in grading.


• Date due: Tuesday, Nov 15th, 11:59 pm
• Upload through Blackboard
– Your submission should be a zip archive containing

• Java source code in a file (all low case letters!)
– The file should have your name in a comment in the first line
– If you use multiple files, the main file must be
– Remember: in Java, class name should match the file name, and
is case sensitive

• Please do NOT create your own packages
• Do NOT place the file into a folder – just zip the file
• Use standard I/O to read input (, System.out) and output
• Make sure the program compiles
• Do not use any library for BST, create your own.