CMSC 350 Project 3……solved




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Implement one of the O(n*n) sorting algorithms – demonstrating correct sorting using the class you developed in week 1.
Also, implement one of the O(n log n) sorting algorithms.
Use the GUI you have been developing in previous projects for display and testing.
• Submission should include the following in a single zip file:
o a readme file (see below)
o all source code files
o relevant data files
• Documentation (a readme file) for the project should include the following sections:
o a description of the design,
o a user’s guide
o a test plan
o a section on lessons learned
o this should be a single file in one of the following formats: doc, docx, txt, odt, pdf
o this should be a professional quality presentation
o there should be appropriate comments in the source code files
Submit your zip file to the project 3 submission area.