CMSC 256 Programming Assignment 2 solved

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Develop a Java class called RamString that correctly implements the WackyStringInterface. (The semantics of
the methods in the interface can be determined from their name and from the Javadoc comments in the code.
If not, please ask for clarification on the Discussion Board forum.)

Add two constructors to your RamString
class – one with a single string argument and a second, default, no-arg constructor. The no-argument
constructor should set the instance variable to the string, “Rodney, the Ram” and the value of the string
should never allow to be null.

Important note:

This project is focused on character and String manipulation and you are not allowed to use
regular expressions or any classes or methods that make use of regular expressions.
Write a test plan for class RamString using the Test Plan Template document. Specifically, you should create
several different tests for each method of in the interface.

Make sure that the tests are not trivial (i.e., have a
specific purpose). In other words, each test should
1. test a specific piece of functionality and
2. check that the it behaves as expected. In addition, at least two of the tests for method
convertDigitsToRomanNumeralsInSubstring should result in expected exceptions:

MyIndexOutOfBoundsException (provided) in one case, and IllegalArgumentException in the other.
Add a concise comment to each test that you implement to clarify its rationale (e.g., “This test checks whether
the method convertDigitsToWordsInSubstring suitably throws an IllegalArgumentException if startPosition is
greater than endPosition”).


• You cannot modify the provided interface, WackyStringInterface.
• You must use the provided MyIndexOutOFBoundsException class
• I will run your code against a standard set of test cases to make sure that you implemented the
functionality of the required methods correctly.
Write this program in JAVA and compile it in JDK 8 or better. Follow all commenting conventions discussed in
class and include a comment block at the top of each file with your name, date, the course number and

Upload the project source code file, to Gradescope and upload your Test Plan to the link in
CMSC 256 – Project 2
Programming Project 2 – Grading Rubric
RamString class:

Constructors are implemented as specified (5 pts.) _________
Mutator method and instance variable both uphold encapsulation (5 pts.) _________
getEveryThirdCharacter () method written as specified (10 pts.) _________
getEvenOrOddCharacters(String evenOrOdd) method written as specified (10 pts.) _________
countDoubleDigits () method written as specified (10 pts.) _________

isValidVCUEmail () method written as specified (10 pts.) _________
convertDigitsToRomanNumeralsInSubstring () method written as specified (15 pts.) _________
ramifyString() method written as specified (10 pts.) _________
Programming style and readability (Including code comments) (5 pts.) _________

Test Plan:
All methods of RamString are thoroughly tested in Test Plan (20 pt.) _________
Total (100 pts.) _________